Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Goodness of Plum

My little stars have just been given another very special treat! Organic baby food company Plum has kindly donated us a hamper of their very tasty and healthy Stage 1 baby food. On the menu for breakfast today was Banana and Apricot oaty porridge which is always a real hit with the boys! They also love the Mango and Banana, Squash & Sweet Potato and Parsnip, Pea and Pear. 

I was always of the mindset I would be making all their puree myself as I wanted them to have nutritious organic fruit and veg. Well the wonderful people at Plum do just that for you without all the mess and fuss. I've had such fun taste testing all their wonderful products with the boys. They also have some fab weaning tips and puree recipes on their website (click plum above). Thank you Plum!

Where's our breakfast... Hurry Mum!

It's your favorite boys: Banana & Apricot

Me next, me next!